Multifamily Real Estate Investing Trends to Watch in 2023

Looking Forward Over the past few weeks, the 2023 multifamily outlook has shifted from projections of doom and gloom to projections that are more consistent with historical averages. To go with this overwhelming change in sentiments, CoStar recently released their 2023 forecasts which were built on data from Q4 2022. Rent Growth CoStar compiled their […]

Greatest Tax Benefits of Investing in a Real Estate Syndication

Passive Income: Cash Flow Without Breaking a Sweat … And So Much More Earned income is subject to marginal tax rates depending on one’s effective tax bracket. Therefore, the only way to reduce your earned income taxes is to actively spend more in order to offset income. On top of that, you can’t just spend […]

The Greatest “Hidden” Benefit to Real Estate Investing

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” These were some of Benjamin Franklin’s famous words of wisdom. And while he was unfortunately correct to an extent, there are ways to legally avoid one of those two fates. No, we aren’t alluding to the magic pill so you can skirt death. We are […]

How to Analyze Real Estate Investments Under Current Economic Conditions

Understanding the Real Estate Market There is a lot going on in the market right now. The Fed is trying to navigate inflation caused by various factors from excessive printing to global politics. While it can be overwhelming to try and understand everything happening in the market, below are some of the driving factors that […]